Representative APR 1212%

Representative Example: Borrow £100 for 30 days. One total repayment of £124.00. Interest rate 292% (variable). Interest payable: £24.00. Representative APR 1212%

100 Text Loans

Welcome to our Text Loans website to avail cash ranging from 100 to 1000 pounds for a month. It can be a great help to manage your financial problems in emergency. Text loan is one of the convenient mean of getting small cash up to 1000 pounds over a short term. The lenders can arranges cash to the citizens of United Kingdom who are struggling with financial difficulties and these loan deals are suitable to meet their expenses. With the help of technological advancement in this IT age the borrowing of money has become extremely fast and easy, especially through the usage of mobile and internet. So in case, If you have shortage of cash to pay off your unexpected expenses and your payday is far then approach for mobile text loans by filling the online application form through our website.

In the recent time, text loan has gained immense popularity among the salaried class people residing in the UK, who are in search of small funds on immediate basis. As the name implies, text loans, lets you give an access to small amount of money within quickest span. Lenders who are going to offer this loan make the entire process as easy as possible. Once you have applied for a loan by filling an online application form, then the form is sent to our panel of 40+ lenders for review and an online decision is provided in minutes. If approved, funds are deposited into your bank account directly within the day or the next working day.

To avail 100 text loans, a borrower have to meet certain standards set by the lenders which includes your current income, repayment ability, having citizenship of UK with a regular earning, should possess a valid bank account in UK and be above the age of 18 years. You can use the gained amount as per your desire and need without any constraint on its usage. Apply by submitting our application form and bring happiness to life by opting for payday text loans with us and get quick access small cash via one text message.


1.The applicant need to fill an online application form.

2.The application is sent to our panel of 40+ lenders for review

3.An online decision is provided in minutes

4.A credit check may be performed by the lender

5.Funds can only be used for emergency purposes. If approved, funds are transferred into their bank account within the hour or the next working day.


Applicant must be citizen of UK and above 18 years of age; having a valid bank account with a regular employment of £500 at least.

Things to know about Text Loans

1.100% online application process.

2.No obligation & no fuss: The payday text loans are fast and convenient with no hassle.

3.Borrow £100 to £1000 for 1 month. Payday loans are available from £100-£1000 for a period of up to 31 days or your next payday, whichever is closest

4.Loans can only be used for emergency purposes. You may use these fund for paying your unexpected expenses like car repair, phone bills, medical bills, home maintenance, etc

5.If you will be unable to repay the loan amount within the committed time period, The lender may incur late payment charges.

6.Lenders may perform a credit check upon application.

7.You can apply online 365 days a year, 24/7 Service, even on bank holidays.

8.We are not a lender and do not make credit decisions. We are working as a credit arranger. Any consumer queries should be directed to lenders.

9.We cannot guarantee a loan match or approval or loan amount.

10.Above is APR Example, Your final APR will depend on the lender that accepts your application.

Important Information:

Collection Practices:Any time after receiving your loan; if you feel difficulty in loan repayments contact your money lender immediately. This will help you to reschedule your loan repayment or any other way out after you and lender agreed upon and also you can avoid any action that may be taken by lender against you. It will be better if you read and understand all terms and conditions of loan before signing agreement with lender. If you will not pay loan installment on due date then lender have full rights to pass this case to third party for collection or he may use continuous payment authority to take payment in next 3 months from your account.

Non Payment Implications:Implication of non payments is well documented in loan deed so you should go through it. Nonpayment can adversely affect your credit rating as if you become loan defaulter lender will try to contact you through phone or letter and if you do not respond in proper way he may refer your case to credit score agency to incorporate bad entry. Bad credit history means your future loan application may be rejected. So it is in your favor that if you are in circumstances that you will not be able to repay loan then please do not apply for text loan and take advice of any financial expert.

Consumer Advisory:

As text loans are short term unsecured loans and bears high interest rate so you should consider carefully that these cash arrangement is suitable for you. Loan approval is subject to your suitability and affordability for applied loan amount and lenders may perform a credit check on you.

The operator of this site is not a direct lender or broker and not engaged in any direct consumer lending, we get commission from lender for referring you. We do not charge any brokers fees from our customers. This site 100 Text Loans is providing a loan matching service between your given details and lenders with which we are working. We will forward your details to all of our associated lenders and it fully depends on them to approve your loan or not. If any further information is required lender will contact you. If any time after getting loan and before cooling off period you wanted to cancel this loan then contact to your lender only.

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